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No. 444 promulgation from Chung-Buk University, April 30, 1997
Regulation of Chung-Buk University Medical Research Institute

Article I (Purpose)
This regulation is to rule Chung-Buk University Medical Laboratory’s (also as ‘Lab’) organization and management.

Article II (Project) The lab performs below each number’s project.
  1. Research & Development for the medical and medical education’s growth
  2. Providing medical related technology and training professional research human resource
  3. Development and proposal of projects related to improving national health
  4. Exchange of academic information and establishment of academic document
  5. Research service entrusted from outside institutions
  6. Cooperating with domestic or international research institutes
  7. Projects related to other research projects
Article III (the head of lab)
The Lab is managed under the head, recommended every two years with the possibility of extending the term from the dean of the University’s medical department among the principal school’s associate professors or above.

Article IV (Organization)
① The lab is allowed to have the department of basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, general scientific research, scientific research document editorial, and support management, with establishing each department’s room.

② Each department and room have their own head, and they are entitled from the principal school’s lecturers or above, with two years of term or extended.

③ Each Department’s task is divided as written below.

The Department of basic medical sciences: Research & Development of basic medical sciences and training research human resource

The Department of clinical medicine: Research & Development of clinical medicine and training research human resource

The Department of general scientific research: General research and academic activities on general and clinical medicine

The Department of Scientific Research Document Editorial: Exchange of scientific information document or establishing scientific research document

The Department of Support Management: Management of service research and supervisory of managing cooperative support from outside institutes and other labs

Article V (Researchers or etc,)
① The lab is allowed to have researchers, special researchers or assistant researchers.

② Researcher is appointed among the staffs among the principal university’s full-time lecturers or above by the head of lab.

③ Special researcher is appointed among the outside personnel above full-time lecturers from the head of lab.

④ Assistant researchers are appointed among BA holders above College from the head of lab.

⑤ In order to process the lab’s office work, the lab is allowed to have an assistant teacher or an office worker.

The Article VI (the Standing Committee)
① In order to discuss important issues of managing the lab, the Standing Committee (also briefed as ‘committee’) is established.
② The Committee consists of members less than 10, having the head of lab as compulsory as well as the head of the committee.

③ Members of the committee are appointed among the principal university’s full-time lecturers from the head of lab with the 2 years of term or extended.

④ The head of committee supervises the tasks, convenes the committee and is the chair of each session.

⑤ The committee discusses each number’s agendas.
  1. The foundation of general management plan
  2. Budget and settlement planning for the project
  3. Enactment and reorganization of regulations
  4. Selecting and assessing research projects
  5. Other important agendas needed for managing other Institutes

⑥ The committee session is resolved under the conditions of registered members’ majority of attendance and the agreement of majority.

⑦ The committee is allowed to have practical affairs committees.

The Article VII (Advisory Committee)
The lab is allowed to have an advisory committee and the members are appointed from the head of lab within 1 year of term.

The article VIII (Finance)
The lab’s finance is funded from service research cost or sub-organizations’ research subsidy and other revenue.

The article IX (detailed rules of management)
Other lab’s management’s detailed regulation is determined under the committee’s discussion and the head of the lab’s ruling.

Additional rules

(Enforcement date) This regulation takes effect on and after the promulgation, but is applied on and after in March 1, 1997

(Progressive regulation) The enforcement of this regulation and the head of lab entitled before the enforcement are regarded as entitled under this regulation.
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